Album Review of 'Loke Hoe Kit: A Double Life'
The Straits Times
9 Dec 2011

A Double Life
Loke Hoe Kit, Cellos
Nicholas Loh, Piano

This might very well be the very first CD recording from a
Singaporean cellist.

Loke Hoe Kit, just 23 years old, was a student of American cellist
Nathaniel Rosen who in turn, was mentored by the great Russian
Gregor Piatigorsky. It is this illustrious lineage that inspired this
disc of works for two cellos. Gian Carlo Menotti had written his
Suite for Two Cellos (1973)) for Piatigorsky. It is a pleasant
neo-baroque work in four movements that makes a good
combination for the Sonata For Two Cellos attributed to Handel.

Following the example of the great Jascha Heifetz (who himself
was a famous collaborator with Piatigorsky), Loke performed and
recorded both parts in both works, achieved by overdubbing. He
has a genteel and cultivated sound, coaxed from a 1987 Clifford
Roberts cello once owned by Rosen.

Pianist Nicholas Loh is a sensitive accompanist for this short but
pleasant album which, at under 30 minutes, plays like a CD single.
There are at least seven quirky photos of the self-styled
fashionista in Loke. One could do worse than to support local
talent and innovation.

Chang Tou Liang